Educación Secundaria o ESO El Porvenir

Secondary Education

At this stage, as in all the stages in which our students are with us, our guiding idea is to provide comprehensive training to reinforce our motto “Education for life”. Dealing personally with the needs of adolescents is a worthy challenge for us.

Therefore, we focus learning social skills and development of emotional intelligence and responsibility as a process we are all a part of, and in which the following have a prominent place:

  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution through mediation
  • Values such as respect for others, tolerance, solidarity, responsibility and a critical analysis, both in their own actions in their immediate environment and in general to the world around him

Academic Goals

From an academic point of view, we gradually adapt the complexity of content and the levels that are demanded to varying degrees of age and maturity. Our Own Educational Project allows us to strengthen the teaching of the Spanish language, mathematics and English as core subjects.

Language Experiences Abroad

Learning English through our Bilingual Project is also reinforced in subjects such as Physical Education, Arts and Crafts, Visual Arts and Natural Sciences which are taught in this language.

At various times in this stage, our students take English exams from the University of Cambridge (PET and First Certificate), as well as the Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2 from the Goethe Institut for German, which is taught as a second foreign language. Moreover, the teaching of these languages is complemented by enriching life experiences in study trips to England and exchanges in Germany.

Cross-Curricular Contents and Leveled Methodology

All subjects contribute largely to make the training balanced and harmonious. Thus, our program includes a series of activities of a scientific, cultural or artistic nature, in which students participate in various ways to complement the curriculum.

The offers of electives increase in higher grades. These offers, included in the Tutorial Action Plan and the work of the Counseling Department serve to guarantee our students the proper guidance in dealing with the decisions that come with each stage of learning.

Dual Diploma program in Secondary School

Starting the 2016-2017 course, we will offer interested families the option of studying for the Dual High School Diploma, from 3rd of Secondary to 2nd course of High School. The Dual Diploma Program allows the student to obtain two certificates simultaneously: the Spanish Bachillerato (which is two years) and the American High School Diploma (which is 2- 4 years, depending on the program, and can begin in 3rd of Secondary).