Auxiliares de conversación inglés y alemán colegio El Porvenir

¿Conoces a nuestros auxiliares de conversación de Inglés y Alemán?

Para el curso 2021-2022, contamos en nuestro colegio con seis profesores de conversación: cinco de Inglés y uno de Alemán. Ayudan a nuestros alumnos a mejorar su expresión oral a través de juegos y actividades divertidas. Aquí os presentamos a los auxiliares de inglés:

Laura: Ed. Infantil y Primaria

Auxiliares de conversación en inglés colegio El PorvenirMy name is Laura and I'm the language assistant for the students in 5 of Primary and Infantil.

I was born and raised in California and have lived several years in Houston, Texas. I graduated with a Bachelors of Liberal Studies at the University of Houston. After I graduated, I travelled to Spain and decided to become an English language assistant. I have been one now for the past two years here in Spain.

Besides that, I also have experience as a substitute teacher for elementary schools in America.

I find that with younger children learning works best with games, books, and flashcards. These are the main activities I use with the infantil students.

In my free time I love to travel, see new places, read a good book and enjoy some sun in the park.



Mariel: Ed. Primaria

Auxiliares de conversación en inglés colegio El Porvenir My name is Mariel and I was born and raised in the west Texas town El Paso.

I graduated from university of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and majored in Media Advertising with a minor in Marketing. After this experience as a language assistant I would like to pursue a career in education.

I believe you can learn and have fun at the same time, so I always look for a way to add dynamic activities in class like riddles and brain puzzles.

In my free time I like dancing, baking and traveling but mostly I really enjoy walking my dog in the beautiful streets here in Madrid.



Thomas: Ed. Primaria

Auxiliares de conversacion en inglés colegio El PorvenirHello! My name is Thomas Darrell.

I am from Florida (also known as the Sunshine State) in a city called Gainesville. I have now been teaching in Madrid for six years!

At my university in northern Florida, I studied Voice Performance; I also had the chance to work as a vocal coach for kids at a music academy back in Gainesville. Over my time here in Spain, I have tried to make music and song a part of my teaching practice as this helps primary students remember and internalize whatever they are learning (and of course, enjoy it even more!).

When I am not in the classroom, I like to be outside enjoying the sunshine with friends and exploring this beautiful city and country whenever I have the opportunity.




Shawn: Ed. Primaria y ESO

Auxiliar de conversación en inglés Hi! My name is Shawn. I am the language assistant for 5º and 6º of Primary and the students of ESO, largely preparing them for the speaking section of Cambridge exams.

I have been a conversation assistant at El Porvenir since 2012, having before worked for the public school system here in Madrid. I moved here from San Diego, California, where I taught English classes to refugees at the International Rescue Committee. I have also taught English in the business district of São Paulo, Brazil. I have a Bachelor´s degree in English with an emphasis in Linguistics from Northern Arizona University and a TEFL diploma from the University of California, San Diego. I am an official Cambridge Speaking examiner and have a Band 4 result in the Cambridge University Teaching Knowledge Test. My hobbies include travel writing, photography, reading, language studies, cooking and sailing.

Holly: ESO

Auxiliar de conversación en inglés colegio El Porvenir Hi my name is Holly and I'm the English speaking assistant for students in ESO and Bachillerato.

I am from the South of England and I have lived in Madrid for over two years. Over these years, I have loved watching students improve and grow in confidence in their use of language.

In my free time I love exploring Spain and I am excited to travel again. I also enjoy hiking and going to different restaurants.



Sarah: Aux. de Inglés y Alemán

Auxiliar de conversación de Inglés y Alemán colegio El Porvenir Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a German and English language assistant here at El Porvenir! - Hi! Ich heiße Sarah und ich bin Sprachassistentin für Deutsch und Englisch hier bei El Porvenir

I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States but I like to call Bremen, Germany my second home as that is where my dad is from. I grew up speaking both languages and taking annual trips to visit friends and family in Germany. 

In May 2021, I received my Bachelor´s degree in German and English Education from the University of Georgia. I knew I wanted to teach abroad after I graduated and I had my sights set on Spain! Although this is only my first year living and teaching here, Madrid has already won my heart and I can see myself living here for years to come. 

In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring new places.

I am looking forward to traveling in and around Madrid this year and growing with the students at El Porvenir!

Ich komme ursprünglich aus Atlanta, Georgia, in den USA aber Bremen, Deutschland, ist meine zweite Heimat, denn da kommt mein Vater her. Ich bin mit beiden Sprachen aufgewachsen und besuche Familie und Freunde in Deutschland jedes Jahr. 

Ich habe Deutsch und Englisch auf Lehramt an der Universität Georgia studiert und habe im Mai 2021 mein Bachelor abgeschlossen. Ich habe schon immer gewusst, dass ich nach meinem Abschluss im Ausland unterrichten wollte und zwar in Spanien! Obwohl das nur mein erstes Jahr hier ist, hat Madrid mein Herz schon gewonnen und ich kann mir vorstellen noch jahrelang hier zu leben.

In meiner Freizeit verbringe ich gerne Zeit in der Natur und besuche gern neue Städte. Ich freue mich darauf, in und um Madrid zu reisen und von den Schülern in El Porvenir viel zu lernen!