Auxiliares de conversación en inglés colegio El Porvenir

¿Conoces a nuestros auxiliares de conversación de inglés y alemán?

Para el curso 2020-2021, contamos en nuestro colegio con seis profesores de conversación: cinco de Inglés y uno de Alemán. Ayudan a nuestros alumnos a mejorar su expresión oral a través de juegos y actividades divertidas. Aquí os presentamos a los auxiliares de inglés:

Natalie: Ed. Infantil y Primaria

Auxiliares de conversación en inglés colegio El Porvenir Hello! My name is Natalie, but many of the students call me Nati.

II am from a beach town in California called Santa Cruz, but I have been living and teaching here in Spain for over two years and I love it!

I am a musician and an artist, and spend most of my time outside of school making music and artwork. I also am very attached to nature, and l often like to escape the city. I love to surf!

When teaching English, I try to incorporate my artistic experiences - so that the students are having fun while they are learning!



Molly: Ed. Primaria

Auxiliares de conversación en inglés colegio El Porvenir Hi!  I´m Molly! I will be working with students in first and second of primary.  This is my fifth year working as a conversation assistant in Madrid.

I am from a small town called Seal Beach in California, but I have also lived in North Carolina, Texas, and Illinois. I went to High Point University and majored in International Business and Spanish.

My goal here at El Porvenir is to create a fun, open, and caring learning environment for my students so they feel their most comfortable speaking English.

My hobbies include reading, cooking, traveling and playing with my dog Willy.



Thomas: Ed. Primaria

Auxiliares de conversacion en inglés colegio El PorvenirHello! My name is Thomas Darrell.

I am from Florida (also known as the Sunshine State) in a city called Gainesville. I have now been teaching in Madrid for six years!

At my university in northern Florida, I studied Voice Performance; I also had the chance to work as a vocal coach for kids at a music academy back in Gainesville. Over my time here in Spain, I have tried to make music and song a part of my teaching practice as this helps primary students remember and internalize whatever they are learning (and of course, enjoy it even more!).

When I am not in the classroom, I like to be outside enjoying the sunshine with friends and exploring this beautiful city and country whenever I have the opportunity.




Shawn: Ed. Primaria y ESO

Auxiliar de conversación en inglés Hi! My name is Shawn. I am the language assistant for 5º and 6º of Primary and the students of ESO, largely preparing them for the speaking section of Cambridge exams.

I have been a conversation assistant at El Porvenir since 2012, having before worked for the public school system here in Madrid. I moved here from San Diego, California, where I taught English classes to refugees at the International Rescue Committee. I have also taught English in the business district of São Paulo, Brazil. I have a Bachelor´s degree in English with an emphasis in Linguistics from Northern Arizona University and a TEFL diploma from the University of California, San Diego. I am an official Cambridge Speaking examiner and have a Band 4 result in the Cambridge University Teaching Knowledge Test. My hobbies include travel writing, photography, reading, language studies, cooking and sailing.

Holly: ESO

Auxiliar de conversación en inglés colegio El Porvenir Hello my name is Holly! I am from England and grew up in a small seaside village called Kingsbridge.

I have lived in Madrid for over one year and I quickly fell in love with teaching young people and living in Madrid. When teaching, I enjoy delivering creative and interactive lessons that integrate cultural elements.

In my free time, I love to explore new places and to relax in the park with friends. I'm a big foodie so I also love to try new foods at all the incredible restaurants in Madrid!

Best wishes,