Propuesta Educativa en el colegio El Porvenir

Our Own Education Projects

The following projects are those which the Pedagogical Management of El Porvenir has incorporated as general objectives of the education provided.

Each one of these is a part of the curriculum and programs of the three educational stages:

  • Bilingual Education from Kindergarten to High School
  • German as a Foreign Language (from 6th grade to High School)
  • Music Project: "L'Estro Armonico"
  • Social and Emotional Learning from Kindergarten to High School: with the Responsible Education Program from Kindergarten to High School, in collaboration with the Botín Foundation and the Kindergarten and Primary Project "Together We Learn and Have Fun").
  • Cooperative Learning from Kindergarten to High School
  • Project: "Student Mediator Training" in Primary, Secondary and High Schools Education
  • El Porvenir Volunteerism
  • New Technologies: +POR VENIR
  • Our Vegetable Garden