Dual Diploma Program

The Dual Diploma Program allows the student to obtain two certificates simultaneously: the Spanish Bachillerato (which is two years) and the American High School Diploma (which is 2- 4 years, depending on the program, and can start in 3rd of Secondary).

The student studies in two schools at the same time; in their own country in person and in the United States through work online. The US-based classes are taught in English with native teachers. This program is aimed at those students who attend classes in 3rd and 4th of Secondary,  or 1st  of secondary who have a capacity for hard work and a high level of English.

Development of the Dual Diploma Program

Students participating in the Dual Diploma program expand their academic potential with a double diploma, both Spanish and American. With this certificate, the student can access an American university after High School.

The program can be started in the 3rd or 4th  grade of Secondary School, or in the 1st year of High School. In any case:

  • The set of subjects studied and mastered are analysed entirely at school.
  • The curriculum is designed for each student enrolled in the Dual Diploma Program.

It is essential to pass all courses in our secondary school to obtain the US diploma, as our courses are dually recognised. The six additional subjects studied in the dual program are:

  • United States and World history
  • Life Management Skills
  • Government and Economics of the United States
  • English I
  • English II
  • One elective course

How does the student work?

  • The student works from home with his or her computer, where the program provides the platform and tools they need to perform their tasks.
  • A US teacher is available in the afternoons for consultations.
  • If no activities have been completed for one week, the teacher will contact the center.
  • Both individual and group exams are taken.