Bachillerato El Porvenir

High School El Porvenir

The High School program in El Porvenir aims to provide our students with training,  knowledge and skills, and intellectual and human maturity that enable them to develop social roles and incorporate themselves in an active life with responsibility and competence. It will also enable them to access higher education.

Objectives Stage 

The High School Program will help develop in students the skills to enable them to:

  • Exercise democratic citizenship from a global perspective, and acquire a responsible civic awareness, to encourage responsibility in building a just and equitable society.
  • Consolidate a personal and social maturity that allows them to act responsibly and autonomously and develop their critical faculties, and to anticipate and peacefully resolve personal, family and social conflicts.
  • Promote effective equality of rights and opportunities between men and women, analyse and critically evaluate existing inequalities and discrimination, particularly violence against women, and promote genuine equality and non-discrimination of people for any condition, or personal or social circumstance, with special attention to people with disabilities.
  • Express themselves fluently and correctly in one or more foreign languages.
  • Responsibly use Communications and Information Technology..
  • Understand and critically assess the realities of the contemporary world, their historical background, and the main factors of their evolution. To jointly participate in the development and improvement of their social environment.
  • Understand the basic elements and procedures of research and scientific methods. Know and critically evaluate the contribution of science and technology in changing living conditions and strengthen sensitivity and respect for the environment.
  • Strengthen the spirit of entrepreneurship with attitudes creativity, flexibility, initiative, teamwork, self-confidence and critical thinking.
  • Develop artistic and literary sensitivity and aesthetic criteria as sources of training and cultural enrichment.

Our Educational Project

We provide both training (a good grounding in study skills) and development of personal skills (critical thinking, creativity, leadership and/or teamwork) for success in the professional plans of our students.

Our educational approach is characterised by:

  • A high level of academic rigour
  • An advanced curriculum in English and German: our students can prepare to reach level C2 (Advanced) in English and B1 in German with language assistants and small group work
  • A Mentor Project: personal attention of faculty and mentors (students work in small groups and will have weekly teacher-mentor counselling to optimise their academic performance)
  • Continuity in Values Education with our Responsible Education Program