Escuela Infantil El Porvenir

Early Childhood Education

Our nursery school, consisting of 1st cycle, or nursery, (0 to 2 years) and 2nd cycle of pre-school education (3 to 6 years), was created within El Porvenir in 2002, of the Federico Fliedner Foundation. Our school team and their supervisors have extensive experience in teaching and in child care from the earliest age.

In the 1st cycle of nursery and pre-school, our school has been authorised by the Community of Madrid by Order 438/2013 of 19 February, with the code 28008703, so that all our students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships.


Our main mission is the development of the child. For this, their complete physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills are enhanced.

Main Goal

Our main objective is that children are more independent and happy.


We exist for education. Through play and learning based on observation, experimentation and discovery, children gain autonomy and self-esteem, self-awareness, and consciousness of their environment. Our values training opens the way to respect, tolerance and coexistence.

In our pre-school, we create a second home for the children, one where both they and their parents are confident in the place they will spend much of their lives.  Therefore, our Social and Emotional Learning Project is paramount to us, in the classroom as well as in our training and in the methodology used to implement it (Cooperative Learning). We believe that with patience, love, hugs and kisses, learning is more effective.

The importance of families

We believe that although parents receive constant information about their children, it is essential that they have direct and daily contact with the tutor of the child. Therefore, the teacher will personally receive each child in the morning, and deliver each in the afternoon.